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Spellbound Part III- PERCABETH
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Anne and Gilbert
Stiles and Lydia
Peeta Mellark

Half Sour Kosher Dill Pickles-- do you even have to ask?

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Fanfiction: Altogether Altruistic link here

Not for the first time, Darcy comes home from work to find her freaking out.

He’s not usually this late to arrive home, but he’d called ahead, so he knows it can’t be anger at him, nor would it be worry for him. That leaves two things: work and family.

It turns out that, as much as Lizzie hates the way her mother panics, Lizzie also tends to love a good panic herself. He knows it’s a sore subject, especially because all her videos are is basically one big panic. But it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t make them anymore, and therefore he can’t really use them against her. Not that he’d want to. Both of them are more than okay with keeping the more sensitive parts of their past out of arguments- it’s the ultimate form of anger if one of them uses it, and so far it’s only happened twice.

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